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10 Ways to Save Money in the New Year

Posted 1/6/2015


1. Unload Expensive Debt

It’s hard to direct money into savings when you’re still weighed down by high-interest rate credit card debt. That’s why paying off debt, especially credit card debt, needs to be a top priority in the new year. Start with the accounts that carry the highest interest rate, and work your way down from there.


2. Team up with Friends

If you have friends who share similar financial goals, like saving more money, then getting together regularly to discuss your progress can help keep you all on track. You can learn from each other’s mistakes and take inspiration from the progress you each make.


3. Educate Yourself

If you’re still not 100 percent confident discussing some aspects of personal finance, from compound interest to the stock market, then commit to familiarizing yourself with money topics by reading up on financial news every day. Even spending five to 10 minutes a day browsing the headlines and catching up on personal finance articles can help build your financial know-how.


4. Cook More

Money spent outside the home on food is one of the most flexible aspects of budgeting, and that makes it a prime category to cut back on when trying to save. Adding a few more low-cost meals to your routine, such as soups or pastas, could help keep your food costs in check.


5. Get Crafty

Enjoy the benefits of DIY culture and handmade jewelry. You can also save money throughout the year by fixing old appliances or mending clothes instead of buying new ones, making your own gifts and purchasing homemade items.


6. Stay Focused on Goals

People tend to be most excited about their new goals and spending plans early in the year, but you can keep the motivation going by writing out your goals and even creating a visual representation of them. If you want to travel to Australia, for example, keep photos of your potential dream vacation handy so you can pull them out when you’re tempted to spend money on something you don’t really need.


7. Get Help if You Need It

If you are overwhelmed by the financial management tasks in front of you, then you might want to consider working with a financial professional. Fee-only planners can help you set and follow financial priorities, from saving for a home to paying off debt.


8. Talk Money with Your Partner

Romantic partners have the potential to destroy or help build your finances. Make sure you’re on the same page early on by discussing money on dates or setting aside time to chat about shared goals and financial plans on a regular basis.


9. Become a Smarter Shopper

With apps such as RetailMeNot and BradsDeals and browser add-ons like InvisibleHand, it’s easier than ever to compare prices and always make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Putting effort into comparing prices is especially important on big-ticket items, but discounts on smaller purchases can add up, too.


10. Protect Your Identity

Scam artists are getting more sophisticated, which means consumers have to as well. To protect your money, make sure you’re using hard-to-guess passwords for all your accounts, including email accounts, since they often contain financial information, and install two-step verification where possible.